Department of International Student Services

Student Pass & Visa

New Student Pass Endorsement

Newly arrived international students are not allowed to exit West Malaysia nor travel to East Malaysia within the 30-day period, as specified in the special pass given by the Immigration Department of Malaysia at the port of entry.  

Renewal (Full time student only)

All full time international students need to renew their student pass two (2) months before its expiry date. The renewal process is within the purview of Education Malaysia Global Services (EMGS) and the Immigration Department of Malaysia and...  

Cancellation of Student Pass

All full time international students and international exchange students are required to inform DISS on their completion of studies / graduation or when they decide to withdraw from the university.  

You can download the guidelines for student pass and visa here. Kindly sign at the last page of the document and send the signed document to DISS.

Transfer of Endorsement

For those who lost passport or change to a new passport.