Frequently Asked Questions for Full Time International Students: 

1) What programme does UTAR offer to international students?    

Students can choose from the wide array of programmes offered in UTAR, and apply. Click the link, http://study.utar.edu.my/programmes.php or email study@utar.edu.my for programme enquiry. 

2) I would like to study in UTAR. How do I apply?

International students may apply online via this link: http://study.utar.edu.my/Admission_Process_-International_Students-.php    

3) What should I do next after receiving UTAR's offer letter and first student bill?  

International students who have received the offer letter and first student bill are required to make the payment for the first student bill. Students then need to send the proof of payment to diss@utar.edu.my for validation purpose. After validation, DISS will proceed to apply "Student Pass" for students via online from Education Malaysia Global Services (EMGS). DISS will continue monitoring the progress of the Student Pass application via EMGS online systems, and should there be a need for students to provide further information, DISS will inform the students.    

4) How long does it take to obtain Visa Approval Letter from EMGS?    

Under normal circumstances, the electronic Visa Approval Letter (eVAL) will take around 6 to 8 weeks, and is subject to EMGS and Immigration Department of Malaysia's evaluation and decision. The approved eVAL is only valid for 6 months.    

5) Is the Single Entry Visa required to enter Malaysia and study in UTAR?    

Yes. International students who received eVAL must obtain a Single Entry Visa (SEV) from the Malaysian High Commission/Embassy/Consulate Office overseas before entering Malaysia. After students have obtained the SEV, students are required to scan a copy of the SEV and email it to diss@utar.edu.my . The SEV issued must be utilised within 3 months from the date of issue.    

6) When can I purchase flight ticket to Malaysia?    

After obtaining eVAL and SEV, international students must consult with DISS before purchasing flight tickets to Malaysia to ensure for a smooth airport pickup and immigration clearance. UTAR staff must be present at the airport Immigration Department of Malaysia's office to conduct immigration clearance for students, or else, students are not allowed to enter Malaysia and possibly be detained or deported back to respective home country by the Immigration Department of Malaysia.    

7) Where is the meeting point for me to wait for the UTAR staff at the airport? 

International students are required to assemble/wait at Counter 56, located near the Immigration Department of Malaysia's office at Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA). For flights landing at KLIA 2, student are to wait at the Immigration Department of Malaysia' office area. Students must provide UTAR staff their eVAL, SEV, passport and offer letter, to get immigration clearance at the Immigration Department of Malaysia Counter. Students are not allowed to personally stamp their passport at the Immigration Department of Malaysia Counter, or students may lose the Student Pass application and possibly be detained by the Immigration Department of Malaysia.    

8) Am I required to do a medical checkup in my home country or in Malaysia?   

Effective from June 2019, international students need to fill in the Health Declaration Form as required by EMGS for the Student Pass online application. No pre-medical checkups in home country are needed if students are healthy and fit to study. Post-medical screening for students will be carried out at specific clinics appointed by EMGS, in Malaysia, within 7 days of arrival to obtain Student Pass. DISS will arrange and inform students on the date for medical screening once students have arrived in Malaysia.  

9) Anything I should be caution of before doing the medical checkup in Malaysia?    

International students must not consume any medication for at least one week before arriving in Malaysia. Should there be real medical needs, please consult with your doctor and inform DISS. For any appeal medical checkup cases, the fees will be borne by the students, and students who fail the medical screening will be deported back to their home country.    

10) Am I allowed to travel overseas after doing my medical screening?    

Newly arrived international students are not allowed to exit West Malaysia nor travel to East Malaysia within the 30-day period, as specified in the special pass given by the Immigration Department of Malaysia at the port of entry. International students are only allowed to travel after passing the medical screening and the Student Pass is endorsed.  

11) When can I get my Student Pass?    

Under normal circumstances, it is within a 30-day period, as specified in the special pass given by the Immigration Department of Malaysia at the port of entry. For successful Student Pass endorsement, students must pass the medical screening in Malaysia, and that DISS have also received the supporting documents from EMGS.

12) Any hostel available near campus?

There are a few hostels located near the campus. DISS will assist students to search for hostels nearby the campus upon arrival.    

13) How do I go to UTAR from my hostel? 

UTAR provides shuttle busses and students can board the busses at various specified bus stops. Students studying in the Kampar Campus may also consider cycling as a mode of transportation. While you help in reducing carbon footprint in Kampar, you will also be treated to a beautiful scenery.    

14) How should I prepare for my education in UTAR? 

International students are advised to arrive UTAR at least one week before the trimester starts. You are encouraged to participate in the orientation programme, which meant to help you familiarise with the campus and study matters.    

15) When do I need to renew my yearly Student Pass?   

All full time international students need to renew their Student Pass three (3) months before its expiry date. The criteria for renewal are (1) 80% attendance in all scheduled classes, (2) a compulsory to maintain a minimum of CGPA 2.00 and achieve satisfactory academic performance in UTAR. International students need to prepare payment for the Student Pass renewal fees.    

16) Am I allowed to work while I'm studying in UTAR?    

All UTAR international students holding the Student Pass are strictly forbidden to engage in any type of employments.

17) How does the department handle issues related to health insurance and medical care for international students?

International students may consult DISS for info regarding insurance and insurance claims are subjected to terms and conditions from the insurance company. DISS will forward the enquiry to the insurance company and inform the student accordingly.

18) Are there any scholarships or financial aid opportunities specifically for international students?

UTAR provides no scholarship for international students. International students may consult the Department of Scholarships and Financial Aid (DSFA) regarding any financial aid applicable for international students (if any).


19) What resources are available for international students who may need help with English language proficiency or academic support?

International students who wish to improve their English, may join English Enhancement classes conducted by Center for Extension Education (CEE). Beside this, international students can also register for Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) aims to fulfil the needs of learners who seek specific skills, competencies and new knowledge in their career or for lifelong learning under CEE. They may consult CEE regarding it.


20) Can you provide information on any international student mentorship programs or peer support networks?

The Buddy Programme will be a bridge to connect senior and junior international students to exchange experiences and ideas.

21) How many times is an international student permitted to change their course of study during their time at UTAR?

Only once in their first year of study within EMGS and Immigration discretion.


22) Are there opportunities for international students to participate in cultural exchange programs or events?

DISS and CEE will be organizing such events from time to time. Interested international students may register for the events.